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Le Palace Panama City, Panama

Le Palace Nightclub PanamaLe Palace is a revered institution in Panama City, Panama. This landmark was founded long ago, in an era eons before the Panama skyline had scrapers and or the Costera, a Cinta. Le Palace Nightclub Panama has seen the growing, dynamic city around it drastically change, yet Le Palace has somehow stayed the same. Thank goodness!

Located in the heart of Panama City, in the neighborhood referred to as “Area Bancaria”, Le Palace has been making tourist dreams come true for over THIRTY YEARS and counting. It is a perfect combination of location, quantity, and, most importantly, quality.

Le Palace Nightclub Panama is Quality

Le Palace Panama City PanamaThis place typically has 25 to 50+ beautiful young ladies awaiting your company and every last one of them is all dolled up in sexy white lingerie and white stockings. This mandatory work uniform will make you wonder why you ever thought Hooters outfits were hot. Some guys stop cold in their tracks as soon as they walk through the door; these dudes have never seen so many gorgeous and available women in their lives, testosterone levels to raise to intoxicating levels. Every night scores of men fall head over heels in love three or fours times in the five steps from the entry to ordering at the main bar!

Did we mention that Le Palace Girls are hot?

Even locals that are jaded to the sight of hot Colombian escorts at the Riba Smith grocery store regard Le Palace as the place to guarantee prime female companionship on a consistent basis.

Here is a post from Instagram to give you a teaser

Here are some real life photos of Le Palace escorts from Facebook


Le Palace Bunny Hop and Burlesque

Le Palace Night Club Panama La MarchaOne thing you don’t want to miss when you go is “La Marcha”: all of the girls line up with hands on the hips of the chica in front of them and they do a conga-line dance through the club. It is a beautiful thing to witness. The Le Palace Girls Lineup is at midnight, although sometimes at 10pm too, maybe just weekends, the schedule is incomprehensible. Anyway, here is a video:

Le Palace Burlesque Shows

The owner of Le Palace is a geriatric eccentric Frenchman who is often regarded as eccentric in his tastes and presentation. The place feels almost velour and is often themed. For example, Halloween and Valentine’s Day bring about extravagant decorations and shows. Speaking of shows, there are burlesque-style dancers on the stage about every half hour or so. The dances are choreographed and really weird. Think James Bond movie silhouette intro, but live, on acid. The dances are sometimes hard to sit through, do go for the show. Grab a girl and you won’t even know there is a woman on stage trying to act sexy in a raincoat with an umbrella to the beat of some forgotten song from the 1970′s. Really.

Le Palace Panama Prices are High

Le Palace 2 for 1 Specials Save Loot

Le Palace 2 for 1 Specials Save Loot

People often say you get what you pay for. Well, you will pay a lot of cash for the privilege of meeting a chica and taking her home from La Palace. Drinks are expensive and the girls get a commission on the often non-alcoholic drinks that they will ceaselessly order while stroking your thigh and rubbing tits on your arm and chin. You will enjoy paying the absurd tab if you can afford it.

But wait, there’s more: once you have met a fine chica that you want to take back to your place, be prepared to pay premium prices here too. A house exit fee of anywhere from $50 to $150 will be charged. The amount is some insane correlation to the cost of your tab and the number of escorts leaving with you and your party. The staff will make up the exit cost on the spot and it is negotiable if you speak Spanish. The chica you are bringing along will also need to get paid, usually starting at $200 for a normal one and done visit. Her costs only go up from there and the algorithm used to determine her payment is an ancient Colombian secret, don’t even try to apply logic when she tries to explain.

One way to save a little money when visiting La Palace is to go when they are offering a two for one drink special night. This is frequent and the most recent promotion was every Monday and Saturday during June and July 2014. Check out their website, Twitter, or Facebook pages for up to date info.

So, if you are willing to pay the premium prices, Le Palace Night Club Panama is well worth visiting.

Le Palace Facebook Photo Tour


Le Palace Panama Address, Hours & Map

  • Address: Av Ricardo Arango, Ciudad de Panamá, Panama
  • Hours: 8pm to 3am

Map to Le Palace Panama

La Buat Hosts ModArt Arte Haus

La Buat, a Panama disco well-known for its electronica and music scene plays host to the upcoming ModArt Arte Haus cultural showcase. .

La Buat Panama ModArte Art HausLive music, performing artists, photography and art displays will all be presented on July 30, 2014 in historic Casco Viejo.

This promises to be a fun and exciting event showcasing a wide variety of art forms accompanied by excellent music and an eclectic crowd.

ModArt Arte Haus at La Buat Details

  • When: July 30, 2014
    8pm until 2am
  • Where:La Buat Panama in Casco Viejo
  • Cost:$ 5.00 presale or $ 8.00 at the door

Some of the Featured Activities

  • Live Music by Geovanni Jimenez, Spammers & Friends, Kam Williams, Val Monique Troncoso and more!
  • Acrobatic and Performing Arts Players
  • Exhibition of Panama Photographic Artists
  • Up and Coming Panamanian Artist Showcase
  • Emerging Panama Fashion Designers Trunk Show
  • Dj RitmoEquis Music

Links to Info About La Buat and ModArte Art Haus

A Little Bit About La Buat Casco Viejo Panama

La Buat Panama Casco ViejoThis very popular nightspot in Casco Viejo opened within the last year and almost instantly became renowned for hosting some of the best electronic dance parties Panama has seen in a long time. Its Panamanian proprietors have been in the nightlife and electronica scene for years and they know how to recruit great talent and promote it like no others. They bring great DJ’s from around the world and feature the most talented local Panama DJ’s too.

The club is located in a huge old stone structure that borders the edge of Casco Viejo, right on the water with amazing views. The dance floor can get very hot, so dress lightly and plan on enjoying trips out to the patio for a cool breeze.

Here’s a Video of Kenny Van Gomez at La Buat Panamá

Something about ModArte Panama

ModArte Panama is a talent promotion group dedicated to supporting and encouraging local Panama talent within Panama and to the world. Areas of focus include fashion design, music, jewelry crafting, photography, graffiti, body painting, acrobatics, and more. ModArte Panama is continually looking for and spreading the word on the best young artistic talent in Panama.

Map to Panama La Buat in Casco Viejo Panama

New Panama Adult Web Portals

Two new adult entertainment and lifestyle internet portals have recently been published in the “wiki” format that each offer a variety of general information and links to sex and adult themed websites. portalThe first of the two new Panama adult entertainment portals is This website has a much cleaner overall look and feel with over 4000 sex and adult related articles in its wiki. The site claims it is the “premier Sex Wiki on the Internet”. And, it certainly is a wiki about sex and similar stuff, but how premier is determined in tis case seems subjective. The website does indeed offer valuable info on a very wide variety of topics and is at this point very up to date. The sex portal concept is a well-trodden path with dead websites lying by its waysides dating back to the mid 1990′s or earlier. Only time will tell whether this adult portal turns out to be the “premier” of its type. (Link at bottom of page.)

sexsocieties panama adult entertainment directoryThe second Panama City, Panama adult directory is The formatting, color choices, graphics and, random, weird photos make this website almost toxic on the visitor’s eyes and the first reaction is to hit the back button. For those that allow curiosity to overpower the urge to bolt back to search results there is actually a wealth of accurate and up-to-date information that was sourced locally in Panama. In fact, the site owners have taken special care to develop the directory through the use of locally hired writers and researchers, providing better insight on the current state of affairs for those with active or outgoing sexual lifestyles. Everything on the Panama City, Panama directory page is good information and the links will take you to exactly what you are looking for.

The Panama Escort Guide Synapsis

    Although the look and feel is a hot mess, it is very accurate and up to date info about bars, brothels and escorts Panama
    This is a great guide and has a solid information about Panama escorts and other adult entertainment


Latin American Poker Tour in Panama

Panama City, Panama Veneto Hotel is the host for stop number four of the seven-event Latin American Poker Tour and promises to be an exciting tournament with high-stakes action, suspense, cunning, and cut-throat card strategy.

Latin American Poker Tour Veneto HotelThe Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT) is offering a wide variety of events for Panama poker enthusiasts and the professional poker players that make this the most popular poker circuit in Central and South America. Buy-in prices range from $200 to $5000, allowing easy access to the tournament to players with any budget or skill level.

As well, Panama has become one of the favorite destinations on the annual LAPT tour due easy access from both North and South America. Because of this many Americans and Canadians are expected to visit and increase attendance, action, and handle compared to some of the other tour stops.

LAPT Panama Tournament Details

There will be a grand total of 8 events, which includes the Final $1700 buy-in tournament on the final day, July 27, 2014. For players that wish to try their luck and potentially avoid the $1700 Final Event Buy-in, the Panama Veneto Hotel is offering a super satellite tournament for just $200. This satellite event is expecting to draw many of the local Panama poker players and expects to be thrilling.

LAPT Panama Side Events

  • July 24 – $ 1700 No Limit Hold’em Main Event Starts, Mutiple Days
  • July 24 – $ 300 No Limit Hold’em Turbo Freeze-Out
  • July 25 – $1,100 No Limit Hold’em Unlimited Re-Entry
  • July 26 – $ 500 No Limit Hold’em Freeze-out
  • July 26 – $ 5,000 No Limit Hold’em High Roller 8-Handed
  • July 27 – $ 500 No Limit Hold’em Freeze-out
  • July 27 – $ 500 No Limit Hold’em Deep Stack Turbo

Here are some links to more info about the Panama stop on the Latin American Poker Tour

Live Youtube Coverage of Latin American Poker Tour Panama 2014

Map to Panama Veneto Hotel

The Panama Veneto Hotel is a great hotel that is very accommodating to guests that wish the have Panama escorts visit there rooms. Escorts can also frequently be found in the famous Veneto Casino or the BetnWin Sports Book

Tantalo Inaugural Glam Night

The popular Tantalo Rooftop Bar in Casco Viejo is launching its new Glam Night this Thursday, July 24, 2014 and it will be a spectacular party filled with beautiful people!

Panama Tantalo Glam NightThere will be Ladies-only specials all night and surprise activities to that are sure to be hot. Tantalo is known for imaginative and creative parties with enthusiastic guests and top-notch customer service.

Check out one of Panama’s hottest bars on a night when they are throwing a launch party and see the crowd, music, live entertainment and staff at its absolute best.

Tantalo Rooftop is well-known as a place where beautiful people mingle, dance, and get crazy while listening to some of the best DJ’s.

The carefree luxury atmosphere, astonishing view, and amazing crowd make this a must-go destination for anyone that wants to experience Panama City, Panama nightlife at its finest.

Here is a video from a previous Tantalo Rooftop party:


Some other relevant links about Tantalo Hotel Rooftop Bar

Map to Panama Tantalo Hotel in Casco Viejo

Tantalo Rooftop Bar at the Tantalo Hotel in Panama City, Panama is located in the Casco Viejo neighborhood which is experiencing an amazing resurgence from being a run-downa nd ignored slum to a cultural, gastronomical, and entertainment center while still holding on to its quaint old world feel.

The area has seen many new restaurants, shops, and hotels open in recent years and many old and dilapidated buildings are being restored to their former charm.

Casco Viejo is especially popular with ex-pats and at most bars, hotels, and restaurants a visitor be quite confident that friendly English-speaking service staff can be found. Most restaurants have English menus as well.

Any visit to Casco Viejo is worth it, be it day or night. The Glam Party is sure to be a good opportunity.